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An estimated five out of every 100 people in the United States have hypothyroidism, which is a condition in which your thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones. Low production of these vital hormones can affect many important body functions, from your metabolism to your mood. The experienced team at Verma Health in Boynton Beach, Florida, specializes in the diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism and can provide the care you need to improve hormone levels and symptoms. For an evaluation, call the office or book online today.

Hypothyroidism Q & A

What is the thyroid?

Your thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland found in your neck near your Adam’s apple. This tiny gland produces and secretes a group of hormones referred to as the thyroid hormones. These hormones serve as chemical messengers telling various body systems what to do.

Your thyroid hormones play an important role in regulating your:

  • Heartbeat
  • Mood
  • Metabolism
  • Body temperature
  • Digestion 
  • Muscle control
  • Bone health

A change in the production of these hormones can affect many body systems and cause a range of symptoms that can affect your overall health and quality of life.

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a health condition in which your thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism is very common, but most people have mild cases.

Women are more likely to develop hypothyroidism than men. You may be at risk of the condition if you have a personal or family history of thyroid problems or have chronic diseases, such as type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Symptoms caused by hypothyroidism can vary in type and severity. The most common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Fatigue
  • Intolerance to cold
  • Puffy face
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Depression
  • Decreased heart rate

Hypothyroidism tends to develop slowly, and it’s possible to miss the symptoms or dismiss them as something else. Annual visits to the team at Verma Health can help you stay on top of your health to identify changes quickly so you can get the care you need right away.

What can I expect during an evaluation for hypothyroidism?

The team at Verma Health conduct comprehensive evaluations when you come to the office with concerns about hypothyroidism. During your exam, your practitioner reviews your medical and family history, as well as your symptoms. You may also undergo a physical exam to assess overall health.

To confirm or rule out hypothyroidism, they run a series of blood tests to assess your thyroid hormone levels. 

What are the treatments for hypothyroidism?

Hormone replacement medication treats hypothyroidism. This medication restores your hormone levels to relieve your symptoms and improve your health. Hypothyroidism is a chronic condition, and you need to take the medication for the rest of your life.

The team at Verma Health monitors your hormone levels regularly and adjusts your medication as needed.

Hypothyroidism is a common chronic health condition. For expert care, call Verma Health or book online today.