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The physicians at Verma Health are now offering concierge services.  We want to minimize the burden on modern medicine imposed by a variety of third parties.  A monthy fee allows us limit these burdens and new patients so that we can focus on our members. 

We address the major pitfalls in medicine:

1. Poor communication all around. 

2. Care that is managed indirectly, or worse, distantly by the physician or other mid-level.

3. Lack of interest in the "whole" patient

4. Competing forces on the physician that undermine the best possible care.

5. Delays in care due to a complex system that is not patient-centered

  Members will enjoy:

1. Proactive communication between us and anyone of your choosing.

2. Seamless transition of care between the inpatient and outpatient settings

3. After-hours access to the physician

4. Same or next day appointments

5. Timely and personal care managed directly by the physician. 

These simple, but intensive, initiatives and benefits change your experience in today's healthcare. 

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