Structural view of the virus.


I wish there were a more compelling subject to discuss. Unfortunately, we need to talk about COVID 19, again.  

COVID is the number one cause of death in the United States for the last couple months.  Not only are the total numbers of people infected increasing, but the number is accelerating.  This is especially true in Palm Beach County.  The official numbers are undoubtedly an underestimate.  I think if you multiply by 10 you will have a more accurate number.

We know from medical research that the COVID tests done in local hospitals for active infections is only about 50% accurate.  We have experienced this in one our own patients where out of 4 tests 2 confirmed infection and 2 suggested no infection.  Sadly, our patient and friend succombed to the disease after one month in the hospital.  

The suffering and loss from COVID affects the patient, family, and us as your medical team.  I feel saddened and defeated when I see groups of people without masks and ignoring physical distancing.

I implore everyone to wear masks and to physically distance themselves.  We owe it those who have needlessly suffered and died.  We owe it to those who put themselves in harms way caring for the sick.  Together, we can save lives.

Seema Verma, MD A personal, intelligent, and empathetic physician who practices primary care and hospital medicine.

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